Monday, March 18, 2013

A bittersweet day...

So tomorrow's my first day back at work...

I'm nervous.  I'm actually super nervous.  It's been six and a half months since I was clocking in as a full time nurse at the hospital, and as pretty much everyone knows by now, my life's just a little bit different these days.  I'm just a little bit different these days.  I'm sure my job's going to be more than a little bit different these days.

I'm excited to tackle this new challenge of being a "working momma".  It's been one thing to be a full time momma over the past four months, and our little family definitely needed me to be that.  But now I'm going to be working full time as a nurse too... so bring it on.  Bring on the stress, bring on the exhaustion, but that's not all...

Bring on the excitement, bring on the challenge, bring on a partial return to my previous life...

And even though I'm going back to my previous nursing job, I won't be the same as I was before.  I've been a patient myself in the interim, and I've learned so much about what it means to care for someone else who can't care for himself...

I've missed my coworkers so much...

But I'm going to miss my boys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today was an amazing climax to my maternity leave and days of full time motherhood.  The boys and I got to spend the whole day together, and I think they sensed that I just needed them to be happy little boys and keep Momma's spirits up.  They were smiling like crazy, giggling all over the place for me, and couldn't get enough cuddles.  I didn't spend the entire day crying, but my eyes did brim over with tears randomly throughout the day.  It's a weird sensation to feel like crying and yet be laughing with joy.  I know this will get easier with time (after all, it's not like the boys are going to let me go to college with them), so I just need to take deep breaths (and carry my phone with its 1,000+ pictures and videos of the boys!).

And now a little note to my boys...

Hello my pumpkins!  Momma's so sorry that she can't be there to sing our "good morning" song with you.  I'm sorry I'm going to miss your morning bottle, your morning smiles, and your afternoon playtime.  I'm sorry that it won't be me rocking you to sleep for a nap today.  I'm sorry that I won't be there to pull your favorite rattle out of the toy bin for you.

But I'm so thankful that you'll be loved and cuddled throughout the day by someone Daddy and Momma trust.  I'm so grateful for the last four months and I'll treasure them always.  I'm so thankful that I'm going to get to show you someday what it means to (hopefully) balance your home life and your work life.  I'm so grateful that when your Momma isn't with you, she's got a place to go to where she can help others.

So be good today, my sweet loves.  Your momma loves you so much and she can't wait to come home and read your bedtime stories with you.

Kisses, snuggles, and love to the three most beautiful little babes from your Momma...

Holding the boys in my lap before bath time tonight
(Sidney, Jenson, Elliott)

Monday, March 11, 2013


Ahhh.... the joys of getting to sleep in a little!  Janelle, my dear friend who also happens to be a NICU nurse, came over and spent Friday night here at the house with us.  She handled the boys' middle of the night feeding so that Jason and I could sleep.  I know that Jason and I are both pretty sleep-deprived on a regular basis now, but I don't think I realized just how much until I woke up feeling very refreshed that morning after getting to sleep over 7 hours straight!!

And then Saturday and Sunday happened... another two nights that will go down in infamy.  The boys all slept from 8pm to AT LEAST 4:30 am without waking up once!!  We were absolutely amazed.  Usually we put the boys to bed at 8 and then give them a second bottle right before Jason and I are going to bed, which would guarantee that we'd get another 4-5 hours of sleep before they'd wake up to be fed again (sometime between 2:30-4am).  On Saturday night, Jason was super exhausted when we were going to bed, so we thought we'd experiment (scary!!) and skip that second bottle.  Imagine our shock when the boys slept 9 1/2 hours straight!!!!!!!!!  I know that most kids start to sleep through the night at some point, but that day just seemed like a little bit of a pipe dream in my mind.  And then even with daylight savings time, they didn't make it past 8:15pm before they all fell asleep and slept almost 8 1/2 hours.  These boys are spoiling us!  We'll see if it's just a fluke or a new schedule for us.  It figures- just when I feel like we're totally adjusted to the boys' schedule, they throw us a new curveball and change it up...

We've been so blessed to have both friends and family helping out here and there in all sorts of ways since the boys arrived.  Between family flying in to visit and help out (my mom totally wins in this category- she's been here three times since the munchkins arrived!)... to friends stopping in to help out with a feeding here or there...  we've been totally surrounded with love and support.  Jason and I still do most of the care for the boys by ourselves, but we're able to do that because we do have such wonderful family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors who jump in when they can.

Jason has had to really adjust his thinking in this regard.  If left to go feral, he is a total homebody and doesn't easily accept help from others.  He's also mentioned that he was never big on playing the role of host in the house in the past.  But the boys have forced him to realize that we need the occasional help around the house and the days of it being "just us" here at home are over.  My girlfriends stop over pretty frequently just to say hi and see the babies, help with a feeding, listen to me vent about any perceived drama, laugh at whatever goofy thing the boys are doing... and I don't think I would have kept what sanity I'm gripping to without them.  Having them here at the house seems as natural as if it was just Jason and me.  I joke with Jason that he now has a couple more wives around the home!  They've seen us at our worst/crankiest, and because I am still pumping milk for the boys, they've come to be quite familiar with seeing me in various sorts of undress.  What's that saying about finding out who your true friends are when you're going through tough times?  I'm pretty sure that my friends never anticipated having to see me change into a human dairy farm.  If you run into one of my dear friends, please give them a hug for me.

The boys just turned four months old!  And in the most cliche of sayings, they're getting so big!!  I wanted to give them a little gift to mark the occasion, so we pulled out the jumperoos for the first time ever to see how they'd like them.  My sister's boys both absolutely loved their jumperoo, so I've been looking forward to this day for quite a while, hoping that they'd get the same level of enjoyment from it as their cousins.  And well... the reviews are mixed.  They didn't scream in agony, but they weren't "jumping for joy" yet.  We'll give it a few weeks and see.  Happy Four Months, my little munchkins.  Momma is so proud of you and how hard you work everyday to grow big and strong.  I love you three too much!

I beg your indulgence with the excess of photos that I like to post.  These little munchkins have grandparents and other family all over the United States, so I want to make sure they miss as little as possible...

Another walk in the triple stroller!  The stuffed animals work well
as pillows if one of the munchkins can't keep his eyes open.

Napping in his sun hat

Playtime in the Bumbo chairs.
Not to worry- the chairs are safely on the floor!
(Elliott and Sidney)

Jenson's demonstrating our new thing-
arching our backs!  We'll be rolling from our
backs to our fronts in no time.

Elliott's doing the back arch too!

Beautiful Elliott!

Brother tummy time
(Sidney, Elliott, Jenson)

Elliott, Sidney, Jenson

These next two pictures perfectly demonstrate the challenge
with taking pictures of triplets- it's rare when I can get a pic
of all three of them smiling at the same time!  And when two
of them are smiling, the third usually has a questionable expression
on his face.  Thank God for digital cameras and an iPhone- otherwise
I'd be wasting SO MUCH film trying to get good pictures of the boys!
(Jenson, Sidney, Elliott)

Jenson, Sidney, Elliott




First time in the Jumperoos!



Ladies- eat your hearts out.

Sidney LOVES that thumb!

Elliott's watching golf with Daddy

Earning their keep by starting to help out with laundry
(Elliott, Jenson, and an unhappy Sidney)

I swear Elliott plays too hard sometimes

Sitting in the midst of the chaos.  I had Jason snap a picture
of this so I could show you just what our evenings are like
sometimes.  Playing with babies, folding four loads of laundry,
someone fusses, someone falls asleep, etc, etc.  I just noticed that my
sunglasses are still on my head, hours after the sun went down- must
have been a little distracted by something!

I joke that it looks like Babies R Us blew up in my living room, and
judging by this picture, that's not too far off the mark.
We have lots of "stuff" to engage in playtime with the boys and
provide stimuli for them- swings, tummy time & play mats, activity
gyms, jumperoos, big bin of toys, Bumbo chairs, and vibrating chairs.

Monday, March 4, 2013


What a lovely weekend!  Jason and I had the best time with the boys over the last few days.  The hour between 7-8pm is quickly turning into my FAVORITE time of day because it's the last hour of the day where the boys are awake.  Jason and I work together to get all of the boys ready for bedtime- think production line or assembly line work.  Baths, dressing, creams and lotions (these kids get more stuff spread on them than most adults!), bottles, cuddle time, bedtime stories, prayers... I love it all.  And with Jason and I tag teaming this process together each night, it ensures that each of the munchkins gets a little one on one time with both Momma and Daddy.  I treasure those moments where I get to just be drenched in baby smiles and cooing...

The boys love taking baths, especially now that they have gotten so big that we have to use the infant tub (we were previously able to use the big sink in our master bathroom for all of them)- they LOVE the water and it makes me so excited to introduce the boys to swimming this summer!!

Yesterday was an especially wonderful day- all of the boys were talking and cooing like crazy.  Sidney actually woke up from his morning nap long before the other two, so he got some one on one time with both Jason and me.  Our little pumpkin chose to spend that time letting us know what was on his mind!!

The boys are definitely discovering their voices now.  Instead of an alarm in the mornings, I now usually wake up to the sound of babies cooing to each other in their cribs.  Jenson is my little baby bird with his high-pitched squeals and shrieks.  You seriously think he's upset sometimes when you hear them until you get a peek at the absolute delight on his face.  He apparently likes to amuse himself (and us, and probably any dog within a five mile radius given how high-pitched he can be at times) with how high and loud he can shriek!

Elliott's voice is soft, soft, soft.  He is such a gentle spirit and his voice can sound just like velvet.  He isn't usually as big a talker as his brothers, but he has no problem getting his point across.  His voice usually makes me think of a gentle, babbling stream in the woods- soft, peaceful, soothing.  Unfortunately I've had a tough time getting his soft voice on video, but I do have this...

Sidney's voice is low in pitch and he seems to delight in what I can only describe as chanting.  This kid loves to talk- he talks to us, he talks to his toys, and he talks to the dogs.  Yesterday, we even had a little "meta" moment.  I replayed a video to him that showed him cooing into the camera.  Would you believe that he started to coo right back to it?!?

Jason and I took the boys and the dogs for a walk yesterday afternoon after their bottles.  We bundled them into their triplet stroller- the boys, not the dogs.  We haven't used the triplet stroller in a month or so (it's probably going to be used much more once they are able to sit up on their own), and I was shocked to see how much better they fit into it now.  Our boys are getting so dang big!  They actually stayed awake for most of the long walk around the neighborhood and had a fun time greeting the people we ran into...


My mom and I took the boys to the Folsom Outlet mall for a little shopping trip.  It was fun to "pull over" and give the boys their bottles at the end of the trip.  Here we are with our two strollers...

Elliott helped me bring the garbage cans up from the curb, but first we had to throw on our sunglasses.  This is one good-looking kid!

Elliott, Sidney, and Jenson

Morning stories with Daddy

(Sidney, Elliott, Jenson)

During the walk

Post-walk:  only Elliott was able to make it through the entire walk without falling asleep!

(Note his "duck fluff" hair!  All three boys lost most of the hair they were born with,
and now it's growing back in super quickly and looking just like Sid's)


(he is loving his Bumbo chair!  This kid loves nothing more
than to be seeing the world from a sitting position)

Our newest activity- sitting in our Bumbo chairs on opposite sides of the
activity gym so that our toys are right at eye level.  We're getting to be
champs at holding our heads up straight!